Bill Ortiz - From Where I Stand CD

Bill Ortiz "From Where I Stand" CD
Santana’s incredible horn player (trumpet) Bill Ortiz presents his debut solo CD. From Where I Stand features 13 original compositions that appeal to all tastes as the music is “a diverse musical journey” taking the listener from Nu Jazz, Neo Soul , Funk and more. From the sensual and scintillating jazzy opener, AyeJaye, to the rollicking Reggae infused Judgment Day, and the soulful and searing sexiness of Slip Into This and Ease My Mind, each track is a brilliant showcase of Bill Ortiz’s prodigal trumpet playing and his compositional genius.

Supporting musicians include Benny Rietveld, Karl Perazzo, Victor Little, Rocker-T, John “Jubu” Smith, and Linda Tillery.

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